No solution exists to permanently archive all building information tied to a single digital identity

General Contractors/Owners

Incomplete maintenance history decreases $ value of buildings and increases operations $ cost

Data is siloed, disaggregated and lost

Building Performance Standards reporting mandates


Hospitals face loss of claim reimbursements without verifiable maintenance records

Critical Infrastructure

Publicly traded companies must have transparent GHG emissions data for SEC Climate Disclosure compliance which impacts shareholder value

Buildings are in a Crisis

Global, Massive
and Costly

General Contractors/Owners

Statute of Repose up to 10 – years requiring General Contractors to retain and store building records which is costly, inefficient and results in data loss

40% of the world’s CO2 emissions are generated by buildings (Global ABC Global Status Report 2021, EIA)


$1.979 trillion at risk in annual Hospital claim reimbursements being withheld by Medicare and private insurers due to lack of provable maintenance information in audits (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services)

Critical Infrastructure

$100’s of millions of unnecessary costs in life – cycle operation performance and O&M are incurred due to lost or incomplete information (Emerson Whitepaper)

New Regulatory Triggers (data must be provable and transparent):
  • SEC Climate Disclosure Rule – GHG Scope 1 – 3 emissions (New for FY’23 & ‘24)
  • Building Performance Standards (BPS) energy reporting mandates
  • Federal Contractors with annual contracts over $7.5m must now disclose green house gas emissions
  • 58% of S&P 500 Companies have an ESG Program that must be verifiable

BLDX Solution

First Digital Identities for buildings capturing permanent, verifiable, and transferable building history

Increase $ Value of the Building & Reduce Costs

Provable Sustainability Compliance increases Shareholder Value

Breakdown Data Silos to create insights

Disparate building data all tied to its digital identity — forever