A complete building data history accessible through a single location. Create a Smart Digital Twin of a building, and all its assets, with data aggregated from multiple sources—tied to its unique digital identity for its entire life-cycle.

Creating the first digital identities for buildings capturing a permanent, verifiable, and transferable history.

Missing information costs the global built environment trillions annually. The value of a building is protected and enhanced by its maintenance history, environmental impacts and performance. Today, building data exists siloed in SaaS tools, paper files or personal laptops that routinely is lost due to lack of transferability. By creating a Digital Identity for the building and its assets, BLDX can now tie all critical information to the building forever. This verifiable data decreases operating costs, increases regulatory compliance efficiency and enhances the building value.

Maintenance history

Develop a Digital Twin of the Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Manual to archive critical information that is living and verifiable.

Digital Identity

Create a unique permanent identity, like a VIN number, to associate all critical information that lives forever with the building–regardless of the owner.


Capture verifiable building performance and GHG emissions for compliance reporting

Fully Automated

Updatable & transferable building data history

Automated alerts for maintenance activities and warranty pre-expiration alerts

Automated sustainability compliance

24/7 Accessible

All information is instantly accessible to all relevant stakeholders. The information can be made private or public as necessary. Vendors, regulatory bodies, owners, tenants, insurance carriers and emergency services can now have verifiable information at their fingertips. Transparent information that is searchable and provable drives down cost, increases sustainability compliance and increases safety.

Permanent & Verifiable Data History

The vast amount of critical data that drives cost and performance is routinely lost from the minute the building is completed. BLDX solves this problem by creating a single platform where information lives permanently with the budling-not within multiple siloed SaaS Tools. As the information ages, it also degrades and becomes less verifiable to its original source. BLDX allows all stakeholders today and decades from now a verifiable data history of the building and its individual assets.

Game-changing Technology

BLDX is the first platform solution in the world to create Digital Identities for buildings that can “nest” all building data that is verifiable, updatable, and transferable–living with the building permanently.

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