General Contractors




$0.33 a sq/ft

Cost reductions

  • 546% ROI with cost reductions = $0.33 a sq/ft., by conducting full preventive maintenance activities according to JLL case study. This ROI is only possible if you have complete maintenance information.
  • All building information can now live in one permanent BLDX Record
  • No software implementation is required – we operate in the background
  • Building owners no longer are in the dark about timely maintenance activities.
  • Shift focus to preventive maintenance from costly reactive activities
  • Reduce or eliminate withheld Medicare payments to hospitals – $847m claim payments annually at risk
  • Provide compliance with municipality building performance  requirements & SEC requirements
  • Increase the value of buildings with provable maintenance and performance history.  Lease, rents and sales value are all tied to a healthy tenant environment and well-maintained assets.

Critical Building Infrastructure

Insurance Carriers

  • Reduce likelihood of premises liability claims due to poor maintenance.
  • Carriers can more accurately underwrite insurance policies for owners—reducing cost and claims.
  • Warranty tracking in BLDX provides provable maintenance activities for coverage and claim submissions (some warranty terms range from
  • 10 to 50 years).
  • Warranties should not elapse without an assessment. BLDX provides pre-expiration automated alerts.

Facility Managers

Energy and Utilities